Hi all,

I'm scarcely able to reconcile the opulence and luxury of the fabulous but slightly impersonal lounge at Doha airport with what awaits me in a few days. It's this vision of ultimate comfort that normally pops into my mind a couple of hundred times a day when slogging through the snow, ice and yak poo. It's quite amazing how strong the draw of this "hub of indulgence" will be in a month or so.

And so it begins again. It's 01:38am and I'm waiting for my connecting flight to Kathmandu. It's a flight I always enjoy as the look and feel of my fellow traveller changes abruptly and this, combined with the onboard map tracing our route over Iran, Pakistan and India, one begins to feel "remote". Arrival into Kathmandu always makes me smile.

Vanessa and Ethan dropped me at T4 Heathrow with two vast kit bags and battered orange Peli-case, hugged me tight and waved goodbye. Being hugged by my 13 year old is now like going a couple of rounds with Tyson, but its in those moments you appreciate the passage of time. He was 1 year old at the time of my first Everest summit.

So why go back yet again?

It's all about the charity folks. The time comes when the prospect of a -25 degree tent begins to get a bit "old" and less than appealing! But I have yet to discover a more successful method of focusing attention on the horrors the confront so many vulnerable children. My repetition is simply an effort to reflect that the battle against sexual abuse is not over and probably never will be - meaning that I cannot and will not give up.

There are many children both known to the charity and more who are not, who are reliant on the services offered. "Childline" is just one of many services that offer children a vital life-line when their worlds are disintegrating. Child's House, a "one stop shop" refuge for abused kids and the beneficialry of this latest Everest climb will no doubt change the face of child social care globally.

I ask you to both follow along with this latest journey into the beautiful Himalayas, but please also consider a donation. Every little helps as they say and EVERY penny donated goes to the NSPCC and these desperate kids - not me - I am self-funded.

My flight has just been called. I simply cannot wait for the wonderful assault on my senses that accompanies arrival into Kathmandu. Sadly this euphoric moment will be short lived as the hard work begins almost immediately.

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