Hi all,

There are 7 gym miserable gym sessions remaining before I once again wave goodbye to a very comfortable existence, those who mean so much and board the flight to Kathmandu.

Sitting here in my home office watching the dawn break whilst around me everyone sleeps, I am guilty of questioning my own sanity - just a little. Why turn my back on this and face the risks once again?

The reason is simple. There is so much more work to be done. Since my 2013 climb there have been 3.5 million calls to Childline, the Helpline children can call when abused and in distress. There have been 900,000 counselling sessions as a consequence - but the phones keep ringing. I am in awe of the fortitude of the councillors - it is a job that is beyond me. My wife Vanessa is now one such counsellor - I am very proud.

So there you have it. For everyone who rolls their eyes in dismay when I say I am returning to Everest, this is the reason. The mountain is simply a vehicle - a large and visible vehicle with which to focus attention on the plight of so many horrifically abused kids. I was one.

My only goal is to raise money for the NSPCC. Any achievements on the mountain will be incidental and an effort to entertain and inspire those whose support the charity most desperately needs.

Crucially, my climbs are and will forever be self-funded - ALL money donated goes to the NSPCC.

As I have done with my past five summits, I will try and do something a little different in 2017 both to challenge myself and attempt to draw the collective eyes of the world towards the wonderful work and people of the National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children.

I ask for your support of the charity once again.

The phones do not stop ringing.