Hi all,

We leave BC for Camp 2 tomorrow morning at 2am, negotiating the hideous icefall with the intention of sleeping 2 restless nights at 6400m, climbing further to Camp 3 at 7400m, sleeping one night and then descending to either BC if the weather is bad, or hanging our at C2 if there is an imminent weather window/summit shot.

Right now we are making great progress on the mountain fixing ropes and building the camps and moving supplies.

The weather looks good for the next few days during which ropes and equipment will travel higher. However, accurate weather prediction is a rolling 4 day phenomenon, so fingers crossed!

I will be largely off the air for the next few days and will recount the adventure upon my return. However, its worth noting that any traverse of the Icefall prompts reflection. One looks just that bit longer at pictures of loved ones - even touching the screen!

I have negotiated this frozen horror numerous times and have luckily skirted oblivion twice - its a beautiful but ugly place, but its the gateway to the summit. Time to suck it up.

Quick shout out - Super proud of my son Ethan who has been chosen for the U13 Surrey Rugby Development Squad. He betters me yet again! Love you to bits.

Sitting around with Kenton Cool preparing for tonights adventure - he's summitted Everest 12 times, so knows a lot about the Icefall. A privilege to climb with him.

More later -